Consulting Services

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Onsite Consultations

For commercial clients that need specific in CDB distillation from industrial hemp, we recommend onsite consultations. On-sites are the recommended option to train an entire team, so you can deliver consistent results on a day-to-day basis using your facility and existing resources.

We also offer installation services for complicated laboratory equipment, glassware, and industrial machinery. We’ve designed, built, and advised laboratories ranging from hobbyist to massive commercial-scale facilities.

Elevated Research Solutions works with commercial clients through all levels and stages of development, from just starting out to fine-tuning a large-scale operation. We advise clients on everything from overall lab planning to initial/on-going training and general product development.

  • Product Formulation

    • Capsules
    • Vapes
    • Tinctures
    • Topicals
      • After all the extraction and post processing, hit the ground running into your market and learn how to formulate specific products such as vapes, capsules, tinctures and topicals.

  • Fractional Distillation

    • Polishing Techniques
    • Decolorization
    • & more!

  • Post Processing

    • Decarboxylation
    • Winterization
    • Rotary Evaporation
    • Fractional Distillation
      • Learn fractional distillation techniques that consistently result in a highly polished and potent cannabinoid distillate. Learn to remove harmful contaminants that could cause problems for your product sets.
      • Methodologies that provide consistent, high cannabinoid potency results Decolorization
      • Purification/contaminant removal

  • Initial Extraction Techniques

    • CO2
      • Learn from the experts about the pros and cons of different commercial CO2 systems, and the different parameters that can result in different product outputs.
    • Butane / Mixed Hydrocarbon
      • We can teach all the different parameters that result in popular consistencies and end products.
    • Ethanol / Alcohol
      • Alcohol extraction is quickly becoming an industry standard. We have the techniques, equipment and methodologies to get you producing at peak efficiency with minimal extract and solvent losses.

  • Advice on Lab Planning, Equipment and Build Out

    We've strategically partnered with Lab Society to provide you with the highest-quality laboratory equipment at an affordable price. They also offer consultation on laboratory planning, build-out and execution. Together we can get your dream laboratory set up and running in no time.

  • CBD Crystallization and Isolation

    • Refine CBD/hemp oil to a 99% CBD Isolate
      • Learn to refine CBD or hemp material all the way to a 99% pure, THC-free, isolated product.

Access to ERS’s Ongoing R&D

The industry is constantly changing and evolving. Techniques, equipment, and technology are constantly changing. Not only that, but maintaining your valuable equipment and keeping your lab running and profitable is a task too valuable to ignore. When it comes to growing with the industry and staying ahead of the curve, we can help.

A Wide Range of SOPs For Sale

ERS also has a wide range of SOPs that we’ve spent years developing that cover just about every facet of the industry. Many of these highly practical (and extremely valuable) SOPs come standard when you enroll in our courses. We also offer them individually to verified companies, giving you the option to purchase only the tried-and-true SOPs that you need.

There’s no better way to maximize your lab or to hit the ground running than with our industry-proven, battle-hardened SOPs. Skip trial-and-error, avoid costly mistakes, and get the most from your resources today.